Knife fighting is one of the modern martial arts forms, which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It includes self-defense, tactical, technical and overall physical and psychological training.


Sparring is carried out using training equipment closely imitating short-bladed weapons whilst allowing usage of striking and grappling techniques. Knife fighting requires instant situation analysis, quick reaction and distance control skills.


UFZ had developed a unique methodology of training based on a synthesized techniques of IUKK school – the leader of tournament organization in practical defense field in the Russian Federation and the European Union.


Knife fighting is divided into two main streams:


  • Sports knife fencing – a discipline using training equipment closely imitating short-bladed weapons and modeling the opponent actions on equal terms.
  • Practical knife fighting – a discipline introducing the knife as a defense weapon against a physically stronger opponent, group and/or armed attacks.


UFZ rating of international civilian organizations developing and practicing knife fighting discipline:

  1. IUKKK — RUS, EU
  2. Dog Brothers — USA
  3. Tolpar — RUS


Regional and international level competitions regularly take place in Latvia.

Latvian sportsmen show outstanding results when participating in tournaments and actively cooperate with the international organizations developing knife fighting sport.


Traditionally, knife is a weapon of close combat, which in some cases can prove to be more effective than a firearm due to the speed required to prepare for the attack, especially in the 3m distance.


Due to the speciality of the course and it’s methodology in fighter training,  a participant age limit of 18+ has been set by Ultimate Fighting Zone management.