Ultimate Fighting Zoneis the Mixed Martial Art fighters preparation centre, which started in frame of practical defense technique development. School of UFZ methodology includes MMA and Knife Fighting with special attention to real life experience. UFZ has no limits or borders, except basic safety rules, which allows the participants to enjoy the fight and improve combat skills. Flexibility, standing as a core value of UFZ division, allows sportsmen to take on a personal challenge, coming as close to real life fight as it possible regardless of their previous martial arts background.




IMPACT – is a highly motivated sport team of UFZ founders, interested in achievement of the best results. Team members train to improve fighting skills, participate in tournaments of UFZ, MMA, IUKKK, Knife Fighting and to be ready to any combat situation in life.


Goals of our organisation:


  • To teach the combat and knife fighting techniques in accordance with the highest standards of sports 
  • To popularize martial arts, active and healthy lifestyle and sport
  • To assist in the achievement of high sports results
  • Organize as local  as an international MMA and Knife fighting tournaments
  • Train fighters for participation in local and international tournaments