UFZ methodology school includes striking technique, grappling, strength& conditioning training and knife fighting. Training takes place at the specially equipped environment at Latvijas Cimdi fighting gym ( Ganību dambis 40 a, Riga, Latvia ). We are doing our best to create and maintain a friendly atmosphere beneficial for the beginners as well as for the professional martial artists.


IMPACT Team is the foundation of the organization. The division actively promotes healthy lifestyle, aims to enhance motivation to participate in sports activities and to maintain physical shape. The organization associates are interested in achievement of the best results. Team members train to improve fighting skills, participate in tournaments of UFZ, MMA, IUKKK, Knife Fighting and to be ready to any combat situation in life.


We organize free events for children and adults, hold open trainings and carry out site seminars on a regular basis.

Our training sessions will introduce you to the new progressive workout process approach, effective fighting techniques and the extent of strength& functional capacity.


Mixed Martial Arts knowledge is your base for self-esteem and confidence in everyday life.

Nothing strengthens the willpower as much as determination to conquer, to push your own limits and to overcome fears and weaknesses.

Ultimate Fighting Zone – is a community of likeminded people loving and respecting sport. We are the ones setting the goals and achieving the desired results.


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